If you're new to online gambling, you may be nervous about taking the first step and playing your first game no matter how excited you are to get started. This feeling is completely understandable, and it's exactly that feeling that causes many online casinos to offer fun-only games. Before you start putting in money, you should give the fun-only games a try to get the hang of it.

Spin Palace Casino Dice

There are many reasons that it's best to try the play for fun modes before anything else. Before you put any money down at all, or commit to anything, whether it is general online gambling, a specific online casino, or a specific online casino game, the play for fun mode will help clear up any issues that you may encounter before you have your hard earned money at risk.

To play in fun mode, you will still need to open an account. This goes for basically all casinos. But don't misinterpret it, opening an account does not mean that you have to put any money down, and does not mean that you have to lose any money. You can simply fill out all of the required information, open an account, and install the casino software provided. You can do all of this without committing anything to the online casino. Also, by doing so, you will gain access to all of the play for fun games, as well as to the casino site itself. The biggest advantage is, that you can check out the gambling systems without risking your money!

When you are prompted to download the software, you must choose OK. The download will not be very big, and it will only last a minute or two. After you initially agree to the download, there will not be many more stages. There will probably be two stages for the download destination, and also the computer system that you are working with. After the download is complete, you will choose a username and password. With the username and password you choose, you will have access to the online casino. You will both be able to log in to the casino, and once you have an account, you will be able to manage it by logging in.

You will also be prompted to enter an email address. You should definitely enter a valid email address. The casino's promotion team will send you messages and alerts with ways that you can maximize your profits. If the casino has a bonus to offer, you will also most likely be notified of it via email. Become part of your casino's club!

Try out a play for fun game, incluing those who offer progressive jackpots, at Spin Palace!